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Michael Brent Tyson was born on a Canadian Armed Forces Base in Germany. He and his family relocated a number of times over the next decade, eventually settling in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Upon completion of high school, he moved to Toronto where he worked for a number of years for Brinks as an armed guard. Tired of watching other people’s money, he decided it was time to return to University.

Brent obtained his Bachelor of Laws from the University of Manitoba and moved to Regina to begin his articles with Tony Merchant Q.C. He then moved to Edmonton where he articled with John Bassie, Q.C. After a brief partnership, he opened his own office with his wife as his legal assistant. Together, they have provided quality legal services for nearly a decade.

Brent has played darts since 1992 and has played in many tournaments and against some of the world’s top ranked competitors. He also spent a number of years as a dedicated volunteer promoting the sport of darts and running various leagues and organizations. He has recently returned to curling after a lengthy absence and is enjoying getting back into the game.

Brent and Debbie have one daughter, Samantha. She is blessed with two loving parents. Being the apple of her father’s eye, she has Brent properly wrapped around her finger. Together they enjoy reading, puzzles, roughhousing and air guitar. Brent would not trade his family for anything.