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Unfortunately, a number of marriages end in breakdown. When counseling, mediation or reconciliation are no longer options, spouses often require advice and representation to deal with the issues involved.

Whether resolved by a negotiated settlement or by Court proceedings, the parties need to understand the principles guiding issues such as child and spousal support, custody and access and division of matrimonial property. Selecting a lawyer to represent these interests can be a difficult task. Brent has a proven track record of effective representations in this regard.

Common-Law Relationships
Even when couples choose not to marry, these types of relationships still have legal consequences should they end in breakdown. The ground rules are often different than in divorce. This is especially so in respect to property division and guardianship of minor children. Furthermore, these rules appear to be in a constant state of flux.

When legal assistance is required, it is important that you are represented by a lawyer who keeps up with these changes. Brent has always subscribed to the most reliable periodicals and online research services. Being up to date on the law is a significant asset to any litigator.

Child Welfare
At times, the State will intervene and apprehend children who they feel are in need of protection. When this happens, parents often do not understand the process or what they must do to ensure the return of their child(ren) to their care.

Brent provides assistance to those going through this process, while trying to obtain the best possible solution for the parents as well as the child(ren).

Wills and Estates
What better way to ensure the security of ones family and cherished one’s than to have a Will? Brent is able to offer his clients reliable Will’s at an affordable rate. He will also provide storage of the original Will, should the client not wish to retain it.

It is very difficult when someone close to you dies. At a time like that, the last thing any person wishes to do, is deal with the Estate of a loved one. Brent makes every effort alleviate the stress of this process and provide efficient assistance to those going through the process of obtaining a Grant of Probate or Grant of Administration with respect to a loved one’s Estate.

Real Estate
Whether buying or selling residential property, Brent provides efficient and affordable services in the conveyancing of one’s home.

With the assistance of an experienced conveyancer, Brent is able to meet his clients needs in order to facilitate a smooth transition.

Small Business
Sometimes proprietors are advised by their accountant to incorporate their small business. Brent provides registered office services for such companies at a reasonable annual fee. These services include keeping the corporation current with government agencies, preparing Annual Minutes of Shareholders and Directors, and storage of the corporate minute book and seal.

In times of financial strife, sometimes bankruptcy is the only option. When seeking discharge of debts, creditors will often oppose their debt being extinguished. When this happens, Trustees should tell the bankrupt that they may require a lawyer.

A number of Edmonton Trustees refer people in this position to Brent, in order that he may represent them at their discharge hearing. These Trustees have confidence in Brent’s ability to represent the client in the face of an objecting creditor.